Documentation of HopDuff @ Absolut Nights Toronto

Absolut Nights Toronto was a fantastic night! We had our Sound Reactive LED tiles and projections pumping to the tunes with good people, good vibes, and great drinks!

Here is some of our documentation of our LED tiles with more to come! We’ll also be posting documentation of our process so stay tuned! We want to give a mega thanks to Absolut Vodka, BOOM MarketingYoung Lions Music Club, and 2nd Floor Events. This project would not have happened if it wasn’t for our awesome team who helped us make this project happen, our Technical Consultant Christopher Thomas, Daeve FellowsPete OHearnKayla Free, John Scarpino, Mike Duffield . Also, want to toss a thanks out to Alex Leitch for being our LED hookup, and the always supportive Creatron Inc.




Absolut Nights Process Shots and Interviews

We’ve been workin’ away at creating our LED tiles for Absolut Nights Toronto on April 22, 2016. Here are some pictures of us hacking at it! Photos taken by the super talented Supermaniak.

For details about the event check out the Facebook Page here!


Absolut Nights Toronto

Hopkins Duffield is lighting up Absolut Nights!

From Facebook Event:

In a city of trendsetters where fashion, art and culture are the norm, some artists go above the ordinary in the name of creativity.

To celebrate the bold, the unconventional, the designers, tinkerers and creators, we’re collaborating with visionary Toronto Makers to transform the night.

With a striking display of lights and projection mapping, the collaborative duo Hopkins Duffield will light up the night at 2nd Floor Events on April 22. From illuminating touch-sensitive tiles to a holograph-inspired display that reacts to music and sounds, Daniele Hopkins and Kyle Duffield will hack the bar with multisensory installations to transform your cocktail experience.

We’re ready to see how a powerhouse duo makes the night at Absolut Nights Toronto. Are you?

Tear up the dance floor with music by Falcons, Promnite, Internet Daughter and AV, then refresh and re-energize with a classic Mind Eraser cocktail to keep the party going.

We’re ready to see how a powerhouse duo make the night at Absolut Nights Toronto. Are you?


Hive 2.0 Featured in ARTWINDSOR Magazine

We received our copy of ARTWINDSOR Issue #03, which features Hive 2.0 both in print and in sound alongside other cool artists working in the realm of sound!

ARTWINDWINDSOR has recently been rebranded as Barbed Magazine – dedicated to promoting the artworks of Canadian artists living at the US-Canadian border.

Barbed Magazine is printed twice a year, in the Spring and the Winter, with each issue featuring new works, interviews, and experimental and confessional art.


Long Shot of Hive 2.0 Sculpture

Hive 2.0 Sculpture


Friday October 16, 2015, 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Electric Perfume

805 Danforth Avenue

Facebook Event Page

Price: Pay What You Want!!!


Our verbally demoralizing live-action laser-avoidance game, Laser Equipped Annihilation is coming down at the end of February and going into hibernation after a run of play testing & development by HopDuff. Come join us at EP on Feb 26 for some yums, try to beat the game and get your name on our Leaderboard, or meet death as an honoured sacrifice. Additionally, we have a dew taunts from participants in Verbal Abuse Training Camp to cramp your style as you repeatedly get vapourized!

Tickets PWYW at the door!


Boss Talk!

Craig Bamford wrote this flattering article about some of the stuff Hopkins Duffield has been up to at Electric Perfume!

Leveling Criticism


Been a while. This is just a short informal entry, anyway, getting back into the swing of things.

Went to a talk yesterday at my new haunt in the Toronto indie/art gaming scene: Electric Perfume. (Yes, the proprietress Daniele Hopkins is a friend of mine that I’ve promoted in this space before…but nobody’s getting paid for this.) I’d been there on Saturday for the annual general meeting of the Hand-Eye Society . That got slightly dry, but I got the reminder for last night’s boss event, so it was worth it.

What was it about? Well, it was Kyle Duffield (Hopkin’s longtime artistic partner and EP Technical Director) and Ryerson’s Walter Lai talking about video game bosses: what they’re for, what characterizes them, the role of the boss within the game experience, how they reinforce a game’s aesthetic, how they’re often used to break the fourth wall, that kind of thing.

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L.E.A.P Featured on Daily Planet 7PM Jan 28, 2016

We got great news!

Lucas from Discovery Channel‘s Daily Planet covered our project Laser Equipped Annihilation Protocol and interviewed us for their Future Tech Segment!

Wanna watch? You can tune in at 7pm EST on January 28, 2016 to see it! If you subscribe to Bell, you can watch online here.

Wanna play? L.E.A.P. is currently set up at Electric Perfume until February 26, 2016 and is available to be booked for parties or events! In addition we have some talks and audio recording sessions to turn your voice into a badass boss! As a finale we close with a takedown party II:XXVI:MMXVI on the final day!

Laser Equipped Annihilation Protocol Logo