HopDuff lit in pink and blueHopkins Duffield is a Toronto-based collaborative duo of supervillains consisting of Daniele Hopkins and Kyle Duffield who operate out of the studio and event space Electric Perfume. Together they work in a variety of mediums, including audio, video, installation, electronics, gaming, and performance. Both separately and together, the two of them draw from experiences working within the Toronto arts, education, gaming, and maker communities, and have been exploring ways to combine both new and familiar mediums with artistically technological practices into fun and interactive intermedia projects. While light-hearted fun and openly blog-logged technical exploration are at the core of their projects, they also approach their collaboration as a vehicle for examining deeper concerns, curiosities, and wonderment for how technology influences our behaviour and interacts with prevailing understandings of our society’s functionality.

Got a media project and don’t know where to begin? Have show you think we’d be awesome in? Hopkins Duffield offers technical consultancy services, as well as commissions for the development of projects! E-mail us for all inquiries.

Contact: hopkinsduffield@gmail.com / Twitter: @ hopkinsduffield


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