Friday October 2, 2015, 8:30 p.m.

Kleiner Salon

Manteuffelstraße 42, 10997 Berlin, Germany

Facebook Event Page

Price €2-5

Hallo Berliners! Our Video-Music piece Drone will be screened along with other awesome Videodromers and A/V mashup masters at MK ULTRA at the Kleiner Salon in Berlin!

MK ULTRA is a one night screening, performance and exhibition of visual music and audio / video art.

The screening segment will feature works by members of the Toronto based “VIDEODROME” collective of a/v producers including Jubal Brown, Pete OHearn, Sean Marven, Daeve Fellows, Hopkins Duffield & Martin Czechowski.

This will be followed by an a/v performance by Emad Dabiri (aka SΛRIN) and feature the application of the literary cut-up technique to sampled audio / video, resulting in highly sequenced, rhythmic and synesthetic structures that will overwhelm the viewer’s senses and trigger a hypnotic and fixated state. The material being sourced is disintegrated and co-opted into microscopic samples to create an aggressive barrage of images and sounds. Whatever narratives present in the sampled sources are broken apart and rewoven through intricate editing to create new meanings.

The name MK ULTRA is derived from the infamous clandestine government funded program in the US & Canada which sought to de-pattern and “erase” the consciousness of test subjects through the use of LSD in combination with aural / visual stimuli.

Emad is involved with the Toronto based audio / video art collective “Videodrome”, founded and led by artist & curator Jubal Brown.

Cam Findlay is an electronic musician and audio engineer involved with the projects Kontravoid and Votiiv.

Circular Culture
Kleiner Salon


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