Looking Back: Laser Equipped Annihilation Protocol at Hamilton Supercrawl!

Hamilton Supercrawl is done! What a crazy weekend! Lot’s of people, lots of energy, lots of fun, lots of new friends!

At 3:00 AM on the Friday before opening, we had some sudden issues with our electronics that prevented our lasers from shooting on and off (and about 3 hours of our Arduino not responding at all?!?!). We thought we were done at that point, but were able to turn the project around and implement static trip wires for this iteration of The L.E.A.P. Engine. Despite this, the project was still a huge success with an almost always packed gallery and tons of people coming back many times throughout the weekend to play our game. We’re working our very hardest to get these issues sorted out for our next showing of the piece at Site 3 CoLaboratory for Nuit Blanche Toronto 2014!

This project has had lots of love and support poured into it. We would like to thank the following people whose help made this exhibition possible:

The Factory Media Centre, Site 3 CoLaboratory, Christopher John Thomas (Technical Consultant), Tyler Tekatch (Curator), Dan Hines, Active Surplus, Seth Hardy, Kate Murphy, Mark Reeve-Newson, Alex Leitch, Jason McDonald, Michael Awad, Terry Anastasiadis, John Duffield, Christine Duffield, Mike Duffield, Barabara Hopkins, John Scarpino, and all the friends who have showed us love and support and understanding as we worked at this project.

Stay tuned, we have some awesome documentation of the project coming up, including documentation of our long and challenging process while creating The L.E.A.P. Engine! In the mean time, here are some photos taken by Annette Gerard.

The L.E.A.P. Engine at the Hamilton Supercrawl 2014

Our laser installation game, The Laser Equipped Annihilation Protocol (or The L.E.A.P. Engine) is almost complete! With help and encouragement from Site 3 CoLaboratory, and Christopher John Thomas kindly providing technical consultation, we’re ready to go! The project is going to be running for the first time for the Hamilton Supercrawl this coming weekend at The Factory Media Centre! Furthermore, we’re running a Master Class on Supercrawl Saturday where we will bring a group of people right into the installation to talk about the process of creating and constructing The L.E.A.P. Engine.


Fri, Sept 12 | 7-11PM
Sat, Sept 13 | 5-10PM
Sun, Sept 14 | 12-5PM

 The Factory Media Centre | 228 James Street North, Hamilton
905-577-9191 | www.factorymedia.ca |  info@factorymedia.ca



12:30 – 3:30pm
$20 (Non-Members)
$10 (Factory Media Centre Members)

The Factory Media Centre | 228 James Street North, Hamilton
905-577-9191 | www.factorymedia.ca |  info@factorymedia.ca


Visit the Factory Media Centre Master Class website for more information


“When you attend this master class, you will experience The L.E.A.P. Engine from another perspective. Kyle and Daniele will take you through this project and will explain the process of bringing this live action installation to life!

Even great artists face design challenges. The technical process of this is based in engineering and the artists faced many, many problems that needed to be perfected. In this unique setting, you will learn, and have the opportunity to ask, about their process and what it took to get this installation from concept to completion.

In addition to this, you will also learn about some of their past projects, and really discover where they have come from technically and creatively.
We know that you will leave this Master Class with insight and inspiration!”


Hopkins Duffield L.E.A.P. Engine logo


Laser Game Update

We changed the concept of our Site 3 CoLaboratory artist residency laser game, Galaxy Heist, to The Laser Equipped Annihilation Protocol (or The L.E.A.P. Engine) because it’s long and badass. Thank you for your understanding.

Hopkins Duffield L.E.A.P. Engine logoLove,
Hopkins & Duffield

(Next displaying for the Hamilton Supercrawl at The Factory Media Centre, 228 James Street North)
September 12-14, 2014

Making Laser Pentagrams, In Your Punani

We made a 10 foot sound reactive laser pentagram for the Shit Fun presents Venetian Snares and Otto Von Schirach show at the Great Hall last Saturday! This was mini project that we developed as part of our Site 3 CoLaboratory Residency as we’re playing with lasers a lot for our upcoming project Galaxy Heist The L.E.A.P. Engine!

Hopkins and Duffield sound reactive laser pentagram

This project had some fun little considerations. We had a limited amount of time to check out the space in advance, and we had to come up with a quick laser mounting system that did not require drilling or marking up any walls… on a tight budget. Because we didn’t have exact measurements (though our blueprint estimates were ultimately bang on anyways), this meant that some of our cabling had to be measured out in the space day-of, and therefore we were cutting and soldering wires just hours before the show! But we’d budgeted our time for this, so all was good :)

We ended up using cheap, safe lasers, and attaching the small metal laser mounts we made (with laser termination points in order to keep the shape) using 3M adhesive strips and earth magnets! Worked pretty well in our preliminary tests, though day-of we had a couple minor issues we weren’t anticipating – first, the type of paint on the wall was harder to work with than our test walls. Second, the bass. The music vibrated the mounts a little more than we were expecting! So while still very much forming a pentagram shape, they would occasionally get ever so slightly out of alignment (probably only enough for us/the nit-picky to notice), but were easily adjusted back!

We also had to find a good hazer to work with, and had the most success and laser visibility with an Ultratec Radiance Hazer. And sound reactiveness was a success! Hooked up through an Arduino and running through Max/MSP, we programmed the lasers to fade out with sound, which was interesting with the prevalent styles of music at the event.

Here is a gallery of images showing some of our process, setup, etc. Thanks to Sean Marven, Emad Dabiri, and Daeve Fellows for supplying some of the images!

Special thanks to:
Site 3 CoLaboratory
Brett Hagman
Dann Hines
Heather Mahzar
+ Jubal Brown, Sean Marven, and the rest of the team that put on such a wicked show!

Oh yeah, and hail Satan or whatever.

Youtube Nation!

Looks like YouTube Nation featured our working controller PSX controller bra/bro performance at Vector Fest 2013! Awesome to be in the mentioned same breath as some world class talent!

Check out the video here:


We’re going to be doing some installation work for this wicked lineup! Super stoked.

Shit Fun Venetian Snares Flyer - June 14, 2014


and from the VIDEODROME videos and installations by:
Daeve Fellows
Dona Arbabzadeh
Clint Enns
Video Samurai
Dr. Neptune
Graham Kartna
Roxanne Luchak
Hopkins Duffield
+more TBA

Check out the Facebook event page for more info!

Drone Day

This coming Saturday, we’re presenting our video-music project, Drone, for the event, |||DRONE ALONE

May 10th @ May Bar
876 Dundas St. West, Toronto
Doors at 8pm

Check out the Facebook event page for more info!

Drone Alone Event Poster

In acknowledgement of Weird Canada’s Drone Day.

Performances by:
Lorde Awesome https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lorde-Awesome/64495112742
Cassandra Witteman http://vimeo.com/74029862#at=0
frAncIs (Cybernetics Orchestra) http://audiobeing.com/ | https://www.facebook.com/CyberneticOrchestra
Girls Alone (Jesse L. Bellon and Neil Adare) https://soundcloud.com/girls-alone
Egyptrixx pres. A/B til Infinity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWduO_6eeUo

Videos and installations by:
Jubal Brown https://www.youtube.com/user/jubalbrown
Clint Enns https://vimeo.com/clintenns
Leslie Supnet http://www.lesliesupnet.com/
Daniele Hopkins and Kyle Duffield http://hopkinsduffield.com/
Jeff Donaldson http://notendo.com/
Blake Carrington http://www.blakecarrington.com/
Martin Zeilinger http://sensordeath.tumblr.com/
Lila Fatehi http://www.lilafatehi.com/index/index.htm

Weird Canada:
Drone Day:

Organized by Katie Micak and Laura Dobson.


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