Documentation of Panoptidrome

We finally recovered some documentation after Kyle’s laptop got stolen! Here is documentation of Panoptidrome! If you’ve been following our work, you may notice that since then, some of the components of this project have been reincorporated / remixed into new projects! 😉

Videodrome 2015 at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art was a blast! We are grateful to have been involved with such a talented and supportive community for many years.

Panoptidrome Documentation from Hopkins Duffield on Vimeo.

For the show, we created an audio-video surveillance sculpture named Panoptidrome, which tracked the faces of people in the space and created a 3-D scan of them. The scan was then videomapped onto square tiles on the wall. This was the first time we used a Kinect V2, and the first time Kyle had used Windows in over 10 years! The Kinect V2 was hooked up to Max 7 and used Dale Phurrough‘s dp.kinect2 external object.

We would like to thank Dann Hines, John Scarpino, and Vanessa Shaver for their help during the development of this project. Also, thanks to Geoff Bland for some shots of the installation at the event!


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