Featured in Vice – Motherboard / Shake That Button

Our piece, Itagaki Interface was  featured in Vice’s Motherboard in an article called Alternative Video Game Controllers, From Bras to Head-Mounted Pinball Machines.

However, our piece was found through this super awesome site created by Pierre Corbinais called Shake that Button, which featured us amongst other alternative video game controllers / installations. We just thought we would spread the love about this website as alternative and physical gaming experiences is becoming a focus of our creative career!Daniele and Kyle wearing PS1 controller bra and bro


2 thoughts on “Featured in Vice – Motherboard / Shake That Button

  1. While putting Shake That Button together, Corbinais realized that it could also be a resource to new alternative controller creators, helping them find places to make, exhibit, and connect with artists that might be doing similar work outside of game development circles. I hope this website will also be a way to connect those different scenes and help them to make stuff together,” Corbinais said.

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