Laser Switch Prototype


This a video of our working laser switch prototype for our upcoming project, Galaxy Heist The L.E.A.P. Engine, which we’re making as part of our Site 3 coLaboratory Artist Residency. Our fences are essentially going to consist of a bunch of these lasers that can turn on and off. It can/will be more refined, but it works! In this demo video we have it hooked up to an Arduino Uno and Max 6 to just play a video to show that the switch is doing something. The switch consists of a dollar store laser diode and a photocell (see diagram below).


Laser Switch Diagram

Diagram of our how laser switches work

We’re hoping to be able to write all of the laser patterns in Midi, meaning writing “code” for the levels (i.e., laser patterns that the player has to dodge) will be super easy, and potentially tweakable in real-time if need be. Additionally, we can adjust the tempo of the laser patterns for different difficulty levels. We’ll keep updating our progress!

Our next step: Get multiple firing in patterns! We could do this straight in Arduino, but our goal is to have it output as a result of a Midi file.


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