Built to Play Interview!

Hopkins Duffield was recently interviewed about our project Laser Equipped Annihilation Protocol by Daniel Rosen and Arman Aghbali from the online magazine and radio show Built To Play. Built to Play is a show about games, tech culture, and interactive arts and an online magazine that collects insight and analysis on video game history, art, and the ways we play. It gives in-depth analysis of games new, old, and not-yet-released. Built To Play broadcasts on Scope 1280 AM radio station in Toronto at Monday 1 p.m EST.

We were featured alongside game designers Kieran Nolan, Sagan Yee, Alicia Contestabile, and Nadine Lessio in Built To Play’s feature on the artists involved in the Dames Making Games Killer Interface Jam, and Vector Games Art and New Media Festival 2015.

Check out the podcast Built to Play 55: Interface the Machine for the full interview!

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