market buzz & Hopkins Duffield’s Hive (2.0)

We sat down with Teresa Casas to talk about our piece Hive 2.0 which is currently on exhibition at New Adventures in Sound Art located in Artscape Wychwood Barns at 605 Christie Street. Teresa creates  participatory pop-up exhibits at the Barns that engage and involve the local community in what’s happening. Read on to check out Teresa’s latest project, ‘Market Buzz,’ as well as our interview with her!

Back to the Park

The market revolves around conversation. Across vendors’ tables, in the lanes and at the café, the chatter builds through the morning. Are there still tomatoes? Is it possible to pickle squash?  Has the kale been hit by frost?  Local matters are absorbed with of local food.  The latest news, gossip and commentary is picked over and exchanged, strengthening the web of relations that is community.

wasp nest

For market buzz this morning, overheard fragments of conversation were transcribed on panels displayed on the courtyard’s chain-link gate.


market buzz complements Hive (2.0) an interactive sound installation at NAISA, in room 252 of Artscape Wychwood Barns adjoining the market. In Hive 2.0 the two-artist collective of Hopkins Duffield pull-apart and re-mix metal, digital and electronic material and components to produce experiences that cross the boundaries of art, gaming, and collaborative performance.


Kyle Duffield and Daniele Hopkins met me for lunch this week to chat…

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