Nuit Blanche Follow Up

Nuit Blanche was a crazy, crazy night! Managing two interactive projects was nutty but we did it albeit with a few minor delays. We have TONS of documentation of both projects, including our process and technical diagrams coming up soon, so stay tuned!

As a recap, we have The Laser Equipped Annihilation Protocol (The L.E.A.P Engine) running at Site 3 CoLaboratory. You know people love it when they come back throughout the night for seconds and thirds 😉 . Also only about 15% of the audience were able to “beat it” (mwahahaha)!

We simultaneously had Hive 2.0 at New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA). Unfortunately, at some point, someone from the public accidentally damaged it, knocking out the interactivity, and we were unable to fix it as we had to operate The L.E.A.P Engine. Although the piece still functioned as a sound sculpture, if you saw the piece later in the evening (After about 12:30 p.m.) or if the piece was not interactive, this is why. We hope you get a chance to see it when it’s fully up and running again. As a reminder, Hive 2.0 is on display at NAISA, which is located in Artscape Wychwood Barns at 605 Christie Street, #252 until November 1, 2014.

As part of the coolness 😎 we were featured on Geektropolis, an awesome Toronto based news source for all things “Geek” related!

We would like to thank the following for help during these two exhibitions as their love and support were the only reasons these projects came together:

Site 3 CoLaboratory, New Adventures in Sound ArtGeektropolis, Labspace Studio, Darren Copeland, Christopher Thomas (Technical Consultant), Dann Hines, Active Surplus, Seth Hardy, Kate Murphy, Marc Reeve-Newson, Alex Leitch, Jason McDonald, Michael Awad, Terry Anastasiadis, John Duffield, Christine Duffield, Mike Duffield, Barbara Hopkins, John Scarpino and all of our fans, visitors, and friends who make all of our hard work worthwhile.


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