The L.E.A.P. Engine at the Hamilton Supercrawl 2014

Our laser installation game, The Laser Equipped Annihilation Protocol (or The L.E.A.P. Engine) is almost complete! With help and encouragement from Site 3 CoLaboratory, and Christopher John Thomas kindly providing technical consultation, we’re ready to go! The project is going to be running for the first time for the Hamilton Supercrawl this coming weekend at The Factory Media Centre! Furthermore, we’re running a Master Class on Supercrawl Saturday where we will bring a group of people right into the installation to talk about the process of creating and constructing The L.E.A.P. Engine.


Fri, Sept 12 | 7-11PM
Sat, Sept 13 | 5-10PM
Sun, Sept 14 | 12-5PM

 The Factory Media Centre | 228 James Street North, Hamilton
905-577-9191 | |


12:30 – 3:30pm
$20 (Non-Members)
$10 (Factory Media Centre Members)

The Factory Media Centre | 228 James Street North, Hamilton
905-577-9191 | |

Visit the Factory Media Centre Master Class website for more information
“When you attend this master class, you will experience The L.E.A.P. Engine from another perspective. Kyle and Daniele will take you through this project and will explain the process of bringing this live action installation to life!

Even great artists face design challenges. The technical process of this is based in engineering and the artists faced many, many problems that needed to be perfected. In this unique setting, you will learn, and have the opportunity to ask, about their process and what it took to get this installation from concept to completion.

In addition to this, you will also learn about some of their past projects, and really discover where they have come from technically and creatively.
We know that you will leave this Master Class with insight and inspiration!”
Hopkins Duffield L.E.A.P. Engine logo

We acknowledge the support of the Ontario Arts Council (OAC), an agency of the Government of Ontario, which last year funded 1,737 individual artists and 1,095 organizations in 223 communities across  Ontario for a total of $52.1 million.

Ontario Arts Council Logo


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