Documentation of Hive

Hive is a multichannel speaker sculpture combining found and fabricated parts to create a pulsating spatial sound composition. Exploring convergences between technology and nature, Hive employs regurgitative paper wasp architectures with technological parts and scraps to create an empty sculptural entity that replaces insects with sound, creating the experience of an organismic instrument-speaker hybrid.

The piece is comprised of 7 channels  distributed over 50 speakers. Each channel plays a unique audio rhythm which converge into a throbbing drone when perceived from a distance.

This piece was  on exhibition for The Noise Project Exhibition at 99 Sudbury, Toronto, Canada on July 26 -27, 2013.

Super Thanks to the following for making this project possible:

Laura Mendes and John Loerchner, 99 Sudbury, Dan Hines & Active Surplus, Barbara Hopkins, Steve Hopkins,  John Scarpino, Dan Scarpino, John Duffield and Urbane Cyclist, Long & McQuade and all the other amazing artists whom we exhibited with.


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