Adafruit’s Wearable Wednesdays + 4Player Network Write-up + Strap-on Joystick Fighting!

Our working game controller garments have been blogged on Adafruit’s Wearable Wednesday!

Also, we were mentioned in a Vector write-up on 4Player Network:

“I also had the opportunity to see game engines used for feminist performances, the first being Itagaki Interface. Artists Daniele Hopkins and Kyle Duffield use their own bodies to challenge the exaggerated body designs (particularly the infamous jiggle physics) in the fighting game Dead or Alive. It was fascinating and hilarious to me to see the hesitation of many people in the crowd who had a lot of experience with DoA come up and mash combo sequences on the human body controllers, specifically on Daniele’s breasts. I noticed some male participants introduce themselves to her first or apologize in advance for interacting with the controllers which sparked a personal revelation for me – we constantly use and abuse hypersexualized female bodies in games, but if they were personified in front of us the experience would be uncomfortable because the degradation is now real.”

Lastly, since we’ve been seriously considering making a jockstrap version of these controller garments for the last half a year, we thought this project, Using Strap-On Joysticks to Fight With Fake Dicks, was hilarious.


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